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First and foremost, NRS is a full service timing company. We focus on every aspect of the timing process that starts with registration and data management; all the way to the posting of final results.

Race Timing and Scoring Services

Hardware Technology

NRS uses Race Result Hardware exclusively. We have found it to be the most reliable and accurate timing system on the market today.

Software Technology

NRS uses Milliseconds Pro. This custom developed timing and scoring software can be specifically programmed to meet any special needs your race might have. “Out of the Box” timing and scoring software does not offer this flexibility. Nor do they have the support Milliseconds Pro provides to be able solve issues during a race, should they arise.

Other Services

Outside of the timing and scoring services we provide, we have many partners in the industry that we can refer to. Many of these services are local to the Spokane WA area, but we can give you ideas for local services in your own areas too! Services include: